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Better than hotels, 2nd Home Suites are the perfect choice for your next extended stay in Regina or Moose Jaw. We provide an unsurpassed home-away-from-home experience at each of our beautifully appointed, fully furnished executive suites.

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If you are seeking a long-term apartment rental, our suites are the most modern and well-maintained in the city. Each of our locations are in safe and family-based neighborhoods. As you will experience, we are committed to quality and excellence.

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The 2nd Home Story

2nd Home Suites

2nd Home Suites provides high-end furnished suites to guests visiting Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 2nd Home Suites are targeted at working professionals who value comfortable, clean, convenient and cost effective accommodations for extended stays in Regina.

We provide a true home away from home experience that is completely worry free. 2nd Home Suites provides a high level of service that exceeds customer expectations – a place that we’d want to stay if we were away from home for long periods.

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2nd Home Apartments

Managed by PRI Management, 2nd Home Apartments offers around the clock on-site property management. This includes a dedicated staff that prioritizes your security. All properties are all equipped with full time property manager and maintenance staff that keeps your apartment and its amenities modernized and in unparalleled quality.

PRI Management has full-time staff covering maintenance, property management and administration and a permanent office with management and accountants that are dedicated to providing you with financial security. The staff makes it easy for you to make payments as well as provide you quality service and timely information.

2nd Home Family

2nd Home Suites & Apartments are a wholly owned subsidiary of PR Investments Inc. and managed by PRI Management. PR Investments Inc. is a property management firm that was founded by brothers Tim and Wade Probe in 1993. Over its 20 year history, the company has grown to own and manage 410 rental suites across the province.

PR Investments is also involved in various sectors of the property management industry including development of large-scale apartments, condominiums and other real estate holdings