Frequently Asked Questions

2nd Home Suites


Q. What sort of amenities could I expect in the furnished suites?

A. At 2nd Home Suites we strive to make your stay comfortable and worry free. We furnish every suite with all of the conveniences of home including:

Q. Is there a maid service available?

A. For a nominal extra charge, guests can opt to have 2nd Home Suites cleaning staff clean their room, change bed linens and wash towels, etc.

Q. Is there a concierge service?

A. We strive to think of everything you need and include it with your suite. However, each client has her/his own specific needs. 2nd Home Suites staff will help you source anything you require to make your stay more enjoyable. Upon check-in to 2nd Home Suites you will receive a contact number that you may call if you have any questions or if you have and special requests. Let us know and we’ll be there to help. In addition we have on-site property management available 24/7.

2nd Home Apartments


Q. How secure are your apartments?

A. In our unfurnished apartments we offer around the clock on-site property management. This includes a dedicated staff that prioritizes your security. All properties are all equipped with full-time property manager and maintenance staff that keeps your apartment and its amenities modernized and in unparalleled quality.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Dogs are not permitted at apartments. However, all other pets can be assessed on a case by case basis.

Q. Do you offer furnished apartments?

A. Yes, all of our apartments can be furnished for a fee.

Q. How does billing work?

A. At 2nd Home Suites our apartments have full-time staff covering maintenance, property management and administration and a permanent office with management and accountants that are dedicated to providing you with financial security. The staff makes it easy for you to make payments as well as provide you quality service and timely information.